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Last updateSat, 22 Mar 2014 11am

New Pyro 'Scapegoat" Music Video

Underground horrorcore rapper Pyro released his new music video today for his song "Scapegoat" off of the album "Sex, Drugs, And Religion" released on November 11th of last year. Pyro went to one of the top graphics companies in the underground to be directed, shot and edited. Global Gold Graphix who has offices in both San Francisco and Los Angeles.

"We wanted to give Pyro's music video our signature look and with the location we chose paired the 3G photography direction, it came out beautifully." said a rep for Global Gold. "We have been working with the top horrorcore artists in the world for over a decade. So we would like to say its one of our stronger genres to work in. We try to bring their vision to life."

Today we talked with Pyro who recently made his move to Northern California and has already been opening for major wicked shit acts in the concert circuit. We asked him about the song Scapegoat.

"I came up with the song Scapegoat because it's something I'm very passionate about. I have watched countless artists being dragged through the system because a kid decides to go on a shooting spree and happen to like certain artists that society doesn't deem socially fit so they use that artist as a scapegoat for these crimes instead of looking at things that are actually going on in the kids life." Check out the video for Scapegoat below!


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