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Mars' Top 15 Places To Dine In Northern California


"Just recently Ice T made a post on Twitter saying he will never take a picture of his food and post it. Fuck him. He's had millions for years. Eating good every day is new shit for me."


If you follow Mars on Instagram (@madinsanity) you may have noticed he eats at a restaurant almost every day and posts photos of some of the tastiest looking meals most of us have ever seen. We asked him to compile a list of his top 10 places in Northern California to eat in no particular order. He was excited. "Man I eat at like a new spot every day. I'm always on the hunt for the best shit.". He did a Top 15. 10 just wasn't enough. "Just recently Ice T made a post on Twitter saying he will never take a picture of his food and post it. Fuck him. He's had millions for years. Eating good every day is new shit for me." says Mars. Lets take a look at some of his favorite haunts.


1. Kinders BBQ (Multiple Locations) - I was first introduced to Kinders by the father of rapper Dutch from CWB. Rest In Peace. I used to drive a big truck for them as a job and one day I went out on a delivery with him to drop off cases of BBQ sauce to Kinders's offices. He asked me if I ever had Kinders before. When I told him no, he wasn't having that shit. He got out of the truck and went and bought me one. It was amazing! Ever since that day it was on. I could literally eat one of these every day. I wish there was one in my town. What makes Kinders the shit is their BBQ Sauce. It's so good they actually started selling it in stores all over Northern California. I like the garlic or the hot. My manager actually does marketing for Kinders and they cater all of our meetings and functions and stuff like that at our offices. My favorite thing to get from Kinders is the Blazing Ball Tip sandwich or the Famous Ball tip but I add avocado. Actually I add avocado to almost everything. Bacon too. I don't fuck around. Their sweet potato fries and the special sauce they give you with that shit is off the hook. I took DJ Clay here and made him try it and him and the homie Cardz were loving it even though they didn't like the idea of trying something that had the words "ball tip" in it at first. All the celebs, artists, and athletes eat here and they got photos of everyone on the walls. In my eyes, I've made it when they put my picture up in the mask. Shout out to Justin Kinder.


2. House Of Chicken & Waffles (Oakland, CA & Walnut Creek, CA) -  If you've never had Chicken & Waffles before you are missing the fuck out. The first time I had it was in Hollywood, CA with ADR Lavey at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles. House Of Chicken And Waffles is brought to you by the same people. The owner is the coolest dude ever. He used to be in Jimmi Hendrix's band. His son is ASAP Rocky's manager. That guy loves me. Every time I go in he sits down and tells us all about how the music business was back then. I love to hear the stories. They serve drinks there too, but if you know me if I eat something sweet I got to have a big ass glass of milk. I always get the Keith's tackle because it comes with the Macaroni and Cheese. Squirt some of their hot sauce on the Mac N Cheese and it's the shit. I always grab a piece of chicken, and a piece of waffle, dip it in syrup and take a bite. Thats the only way to do it. I always get super stoned in the parking lot before I go. Afterwards, if you went to the spot in Walnut Creek, you can oogle all the hot richy bitches that probably will never fuck you.


3. Little J's Burgers - (Pittsburg, CA) I've been coming to Little J's since they opened up after Happy Burger closed down. Happy Burger was the type of place that when you walked in they would always remember what you liked on your hamburger. They loved their customers. When they closed and Little J's opened up. They were just a good if not better. I used to make money with this girl I met on tour and we got a town home across the street from there so I would eat there every day. To me that was ballin at the time. Getting to eat at Little J's every day was the shit. Rest In Peace Craigslist exotic services ads. You were good to my wannabe internet pimpin'. The hamburgers at Little J's are super on point. The best in town. But in those days I would get their tri-tip salad, or their tri-tip sandwich. I also love the fact that they have their secret fry sauce. It's almost like tobacco, mayonnaise and catsup all mixed together. I travel a lot and I like the spots that have fry sauce. Everyone has their own ingredients so I always try it because its almost always good. Most of the time if I ask somebody for fry sauce they will look at you stupid and don't know what the fuck your talking about. Don't ever let anyone tell you it's thousand island because it's not! So glad to have a place like that. It's down the street within walking distance from where I grew up. On some hometown shit, Little J's is by far the best burger spot in town. Shout out to the owner Aaron. He always hires cute ass chicks too.


4. Escape From New York Pizza (San Francisco, CA) I used to ditch high school and go to San Francisco almost every day. I would always hang out at Peir 7 and kick it with the dudes that were in movies like the Larry Clark film KIDS, and get into all kinds of shit with those guys. We were all skaters. Thats actually how I got into photography was through skating with all these famous dudes. I would shoot their photos for magazines and get fat paid sometimes... But for the most part nobody had money back then. We were just kids. The hustle was to go to Carls Jr's and refill an old cup with soda and maybe have a dollar for a little ass hamburger and you were good for the whole day. But if you ever did come across money and had a little to spend, we'd go up to Haight Street and go stop at FTC because everyone was always up there that was in the magazines and shit. We wanted to shop where they shopped. We wanted to get on from all these dudes out there doing big shit. Plus FTC always hooked me up because I was kinda on their team in some way so I wouldn't shop anywhere else anyways. If you had money, and you didn't already spend it all at FTC, you'd go around the corner on Shraider and Haight and get a slice of pizza from Escape From New York before you took that long ass trip back home. I felt like Ice Cube in "Today Was A Good Day" taking bites of my slice of pizza. To me it was the best pizza in the world. San Francisco is like one of them cities that I have always loved and the pizza there will always remind me of those days. I always get the "You Say Potato" slice. Sliced and roasted potatoes and roasted garlic cloves over pesto sauce. When you see it you'll be like ugh, what the fuck is that shit? But trust me. That shit is crazy good. I used to like eating it and checking out the autographs they have on the wall from famous people who have ate there.


5. Pea Soup Andersen's (Gustine, CA) I've probably passed this place a million times to and on the way back from LA. I know I've used the bathroom there before just in passing like a rest stop but I never ate there. I always wanted to. It looks like a huge dutch building with a windmill on top. Pea Soup? Who the fuck orders that shit? Thats what I used to think. So then one day I got stoned and thought to myself, god I want pea soup right now. I wonder if that place is any good? They would have to be right? I googled it and it was an hour away. I didn't give a fuck. I was going. I smoked more weed in the parking lot when I got there so this place could have tasted like shit but to me anything they served there would have been good. I had the fuckin' munchies bruh. The word munchies is gay, but thats what it was. I ordered a bowl and the extra toppings for it for a few more bucks. Its like a bottomless bowl of pea soup in a bread bowl, a thing of green onions, cheese, bacon, ham, and croutons. You can't fuck with it. Too good. I kept coming back ever since. They have like a homemade bakery that sells cakes, cookies, and candies and shit and they got a big ass gift shop too. I always get a big ass bear claw when I go to take home. The people always remember me and my girl when we go. It might be because shes half naked and I look like a fucking weirdo creep but it's still pretty dope because a million people go there like every day. Look most of the time if I'm hungry I'll drive and hour or two to get exactly what I'm craving. It's that serious. I fuck with Andersen's super hard. At night bats fly around the windmill thing. Tight.


6. Hazels Drive In (Antioch, CA) This is another hometown favorite. In Antioch, this is my favorite place to get a hamburger. You can get a Hazel Burger for like $7.00 but if you share a Willy Burger its like $11.00 and its as big as a fuckin' plate. Willy Burgers are legendary around here. I've eaten one by itself before. I remember when I ordered it we were sitting by this big ass muscle bound black dude who rolled his eyes when my plate arrived. Like "Pfft, mothafucka you ain't finishing that shit". I starved myself the whole day before that. I fucked it up. When I was one bite away the dude walked past me on the way out and patted me on the back and was like "Wow, You did better than I thought...". That's right bitch. I gets down. They will make you Willy Burgers with as many patties as you want for additional cost and if you finish it they will put your name on their wall of fame. That is, if you want everyone who eats there to know how much of a fat ass you are. Every time somebody comes to town for a show I always send them there. I've took DJ Clay here, McNasteee here... Everyone loves it. I don't know what it is about their burgers, but I think its the order they layer all of the stuff, but the taste is amazing. Their milkshakes and all that are good too. I've been eating here since I was a kid.


7. Mac's Ol' House (Antioch, CA) Ok this place is hands down one of my favorites. It's located by the Antioch Bridge. You pull up and the place looks like a old house with a neon sign. You can eat here, for two people, and drink your fuckin' ass off for like $30. The drinks are really cheap here. The entree's are alright and if you do get one get the prime rib, but the thing that keeps bringing people back is their minestrone soup. They serve you with hot bread and a salad and the soup in a big ass bowl. The salad comes with a big slice of salami on top and its house made oil an vinegar dressing. You can't duplicate their minestrone though. Your mom can't just go make this shit. Its more of a stew almost. I can eat a gallon of it. When I come to town, the plan is to always get dinner there. I think I've even brought my own container and paid to have it filled so I can take it home. It's packed as fuck on weekends with bikers, and random bar sluts. The waitresses with the red curly hair is always cool as fuck. Sometimes they got hot little chicks working here too. If you're lucky you can pick up a bar slut, and take her next door to the tweaker hotel and fuck her before the alcohol wears off or her Hells Angel boyfriend finds you and beats you unmerciful.


9. Gervasoni's (Modesto, CA) I've been driving past this place for like 6 years now. On 9th street the back of their building faces and it has neon signs for steak and fish. But looking at it you would think that was the entrance. So it looks creepy as fuck. I like eating steak. I would drive past and be like, why the fuck would anyone go there to eat? Finally my curiosity got the best of me. But I found out the entrance is actually in the alley on the other side. It all made sense. Now it looked dope from this side. When you walked in it had a good old time warm feeling. Live music, cool bartenders, and a lot of regulars. The drinks were good, and their menu looked like it was the shit. See I'll spend like $100 at dinner most nights unless its like one of the hamburger spots and shit I named before. But I am down to eat good, fancy lookin' presentable ass food. Their steaks here are fuckin' huge. The last time I went I got their rack of lamb and it was fucking amazing. Look at the fukin' picture. It was delicious. Thats the only thing I will ever get there again because it was so good. Defiantly one of my favorite spots in town now. I got soup, salad, bread, all kinds of shit with my meal. It wasn't that much but what ever I spend there has always been well worth it. 


10. Canal Street Grille (Ripon, CA) Do you like macaroni and cheese? Get their fuckin' macaroni and cheese. They will give you a hug dish of it here and it had pieces of chicken and ham and shit in there. Its the best mac n cheese you can get anywhere. You will probably have to get a to go box. They straight up give you real tupperware too and box it up all nice for you. Don't ask me why, but I was impressed. The first time I went there the waiter hooked us the fuck up with free drinks and deserts and shit. I would say this is hands down one of my favorite places to eat on any given day. Anything I've ever had here not only tastes good but it looks amazing. Everything here is Instagram worthy. My favorite is the Applewood Smoked Pork Chop. It actually comes with a side of the mac 'n cheese. The pork chop has a salad on top of it and underneath is house made apple chutney. You can't beat the way it tastes. Every time they have a special I get it because it's not on their regular menu. Last time I was there I got a Jack Daniels braised steak. Again, they make everything they serve look like a work of art. I try something new here all the time and am never disappointed. One of the best restaurants I've ever been to period. If they ever go out of business for what ever reason I will kill myself.


11. The New Mecca Cafe (Pittsburg, CA) The Mecca is located in downtown Pittsburg. Almost all my life, downtown was ghetto as fuck. They had the marina, and then they had Mecca. Most everything else down there was fucked up. Everyone would eat at the Mecca. I'm Mexican. I know what the legit shit is, and Mecca is more of an americanized place. But I don't give a shit. It's bomb. When I was little the first thing I noticed was the big bull head hanging on their wall with a joint hanging out of its mouth. It's weird that I always knew whats up with weed and shit at that age... Before it was a small long packed ass little hole in the wall spot. The city of Pittsburg, to help clean up downtown gave The Mecca 3 million dollars to expand the building and upgrade their restaurant. I remember people were pissed, but fuck them. Who comes downtown for anything else but this place anyways? They deserve it. They serve you chips, bean dip and salsa when you sit down. Straight up, thats what I mainly come there for. I wish I had an endless supply of their salsa. I think they put oregano or something in it. Everyone I know always gets the chilaquiles, and they are delicious but I always get their super burrito or their carne asada plate. In Pittsburg, if your Mexican, and are having a wedding or a funeral 9 times out of 10 The Mecca is catering it. So weither its a celebration or mourning, either way your eating some of the best shit in town. A couple of the wakes I've been to for my family they had these potato burrito type things and holy shit. They are good. Word got around and The Mecca always caters for the A's and Giants and 49'ers and stuff too. One time I took this model chick there for lunch after a photo shoot, and she fucked me that night. It may just be that good. 


12. Fanny Ann's Saloon (Old Sacramento, CA) Sacramento is hands down one of my favorite places to play. I got my start by opening for every Psychopathic Records show that came into town. Sacramento was the closest to me so it almost became like a hometown for me. So when I go to Old Sacramento and although this ever ever happens, it seems like somebody knows me or recognizes me there. Brotha Lynch Hung once told me that everyone knows who I was out there, but I thought he was just being nice to boost my confidence. But really every time I go out there its like I get hella love from random people. So I feel comfortable enough to bring my son out and check out all the shops and old buildings and stuff all the time. We stumbled onto Fanny Ann's Saloon by accident because everything else was closed by the time we got there. I seen that they had what they called a Jiffy Burger on the menu and I was sold. A Jiffy Burger basically is a hamburger with bacon with peanut butter on the bun. Sounds weird right? Fuck you. Try it. The peanut butter melts and it becomes a sauce almost. It's delicious. My son won't try anything new. If it's new it might as well be dog shit. He won't fuck with it. I forced him to try this shit and he loved it. When you walk in it looks like a typical bar, but when you look around on the walls and ceilings, they are covered in crazy old ass vintage decor and farming equipment and shit. Downstairs has naked lady newspaper wallpaper everywhere. Upstairs has video games for the kids and and a foosball table. Walk around if you ever go there and check everything out. It's pretty dope looking. It kind of reminds me of House On The Rock, if you know what that is. But get the Jiffy Burger and quit fucking around. I hate when I suggest a place to people, tell them whats good, they get something else and don't like it. Don't be a dick. Trust your boy Mars.


13. 8th Street Taco Trucks (Modesto, CA) Thinking back the weekend that DJ Clay first came and stayed at my house, I must have took them to all these spots. I wish people did that shit when I come to their towns. Promoters if your reading this, hook me the fuck up! The 8th Street Taco Trucks in Modesto are dope. There is like 12 trucks all parked next to each other in a line with places to sit and eat right there. Who would have thought that would have worked? How have they not fought each other yet? All of them get customers. It's crazy. Over the years I've eaten at each of these places just so I can figure out which one was the best. My favorite is the second truck. Jessica's #2. Thats the name on the side of the truck. We filmed part of Clay's video in this spot and while we were there his manager Cardz ate one taco from every truck. I told him that now if he gets diarrhea he wouldn't be able to tell who to be mad at. I like this spot because no matter what time it is, these are always open. Doc's BBQ even has a truck there now. Thats Modesto's BBQ spot to go to if your ever in town. My son loves Doc's. He lives on the West Side of Modesto so he smells their grill every day all day though. He's biased. They are good though. I suggest Jessica's #2 truck. Get the carnita tacos with everything on it if your feeling Mexican. This is authentic shit. No crunchy tacos here. There used to be a truck that sold horchata too but they left and fucked up everything. The only thing about eating at one of these is that you will get asked for change by 5 different crackheads while your there. I hate that shit, but thats really just Modesto as a whole. If you can go out and not be harassed by crackheads for 50 cents then you have ninja like maneuvering skills. My favorite thing to do is, when I'm with my girlfriend, and I know I'm about to be approached for change, I'll grab the back of her head and start full on tongue kissing her obnoxiously but passionately until they walk away. She'll try to pull away, but I wont let her. I'll keep going until the tweakers or homeless people get bugged out and walk off. Sometimes I'll put a dollar on the table and look 5 of them in the eyes so they think its for them. Then when I get up I'll watch them fight over it. Yeah, I'm a dick. But at least I know what good food is.


14. Tommy's Joynt (San Francisco, CA) I think I seen this place on Diners Drive In's & Dives. I may have to write one of these for the rest of the country because when I go on tour, and if I'm tour manager or headlining, I make sure we eat at all this type of shit. I do my homework. This place is a Hof Brau type place that serves freshly sliced corn beef, pastrami and roast beef and all that type of stuff. It has that home cooked meal vibe to it that I like and I always leave here satisfied. You stand in line, pick out what you want on a plate, they carve it up and bam. Dinner. 


15. Bottoms Up Espresso. (Tracy, CA, and Modesto, CA) Now this isn't really a food spot per say, but they serve coffee and drinks in their underwear and bikinis. So really it doesn't matter what they sell there, the point is is that there are hot model chicks half naked there every day. My girlfriend actually is the manager of the Tracy stand. Which is the shit because she wears an endless supply of sexy outfits and costumes around the house after work everyday. You ever fucked a Disney princess before? So picking her up from work and seeing all the ass and titties and grabbing a 51 Fifty Energy infused drink is one of my favorite things to do every day. All of the girls have their own specialty drinks, but they also sell "Cum Shots" and "Blow Jobs" and stuff like that. Thats really what they call their drinks! I really like their Mexican Chocolate one of the girls whipped up. It's such a genius idea if you think about it. Everyone who commutes to work every day pretty much needs coffee, so why not start out your day talking to young little half naked girls and grabbing your drink from the drive through before work? Everyone has their favorite girls and drinks there, I would say stop by if your in the area and try something and try not to act like a fuckin' creep. This place is blowing up and has everyone talking. 


What is your favorite place to eat? Comment below!